Our Story

For over six decades, the Barnwell family’s country store, Roxbury Mercantile, served as a social hub for the Edisto Island and St. Paul’s Parish communities. Tragically, the beloved store burned down in 1983. The land remained vacant for almost 30 years, until a local shrimp boat captain named Jimmy Bell helped revive the area by opening a restaurant in 2012.

Today, you’ll find Roxbury Mercantile owned once again by the Barnwell family and transformed into a welcoming restaurant serving up southern hospitality and affordable, quality Lowcountry cuisine. Here, we think there are few things in life better than a delicious meal shared with family and friends, filled with endless laughter and memories made. We invite you come sit in our relaxing and inviting dining area, sip on a beverage of choice, and savor the place where good company and great cuisine meet.